Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the biggest challenges on any architectural woodwork project exists during the field dimension phase.

Fitting of moldings, casework, countertops and fixtures to irregularly shaped walls, ceilings, stairways and soffits can result in many hours of travel, templating, fitting, and double checking.

One of our GREEN goals in 2009 was to find a way to reduce errors, reduce trips to the job site, and reduce materials used during the measure and template phase of a project.

Early this summer we implemented the E-Template System. E-Template uses 3D photo technology to fully dimension areas that require measuring. This system not only fulfilled our basic requirement of "getting lean" during this phase, it provided several other benefits that we had not considered or fully realized.

E-Template is accurate within 1/32", it minimizes time spent at a job-site, it provides photographic memory of the area, it eliminates "go-backs" for missed measurements, and provides "Back-Plots" (overlays) to the finished drawing to insure it's right the first time.

Bottom line - E-Template reduces both time and material resources which allows us to be more competitive and timely with deliveries.